Control, organize, access and share vital corporate information quickly, easily, accurately and securely. Enterprises around the world are recognizing that information is the currency of their business. There is tremendous value in ensuring that all corporate information is captured, managed, and put to work in a meaningful and efficient way. The docXms solution ensures that organizations get the most out of their data information stored in text files, e-mails, multimedia, etc. Document/File Collaboration System for uploading, downloading and upload with automatic conversion to PDF. Login and Password for authorization to the program's feature levels as well as access to the systems data folders with multiple levels of "drill down". Document Version Control capabilities showing version number, time/date, file size, file type, last modified date and last user. E Mail Distribution system to alert/notify, distribute to group, company or individual and includes blind copy feature. Maintain Users access level privileges and email accounts. Customize Folders which could include clients, work groups, templates, review and public. Folder and File Maintenance which allows you to lock files that have been downloaded, add and delete both files and folders. Login Tracking allows you to monitor the users accessing your account. Application Service Provider (ASP) Model for low initial investment and no need for clients to come in through companies firewall. No need for additional hardware or bandwidth upgrades.