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MBSII.net is the company that developed and maintains the Document X-Change Management System also known as docXms.

MBSII.net founding concepts are to provide information processing to industry and commerce with the emphasis on application software solutions as a tool for management decision-making. Accordingly, we have specialized in the development and marketing of business application software.

Since our founding, we have never lost sight of the human side of the computer age -- the user, to which we attribute our success.

Our fundamental "product", is the expertise we bring to our clients. Our 30 plus years of combined experience allows us to efficiently and effectively service our client base, which represents a broad spectrum of businesses in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, and service industries. We enable our customers to take advantage of existing technology, and be in a position to implement developing technologies as soon as they become cost effective. At MBSII.net, we give our customers a competitive edge, an edge that helps assure their success in extremely competitive markets.

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